Muthoot Hospital – Family Medicine

Family Medicine Department- Muthoot Hospital

Family Medicine deals with the care of family members of all ages. Muthoot Hospital gives a proper guidance to its patient under family medicine department.

Muthoot Hospital provides a consistent, high-level of quality care to our patients, always putting patient needs at the centre of what we do. Through our vast medical services, expert staff, progressive medical technology and country-wide network facilities, we provide individualized care to patients in their Family Medicine department. Family Medicine is crucial to healthcare because it is aimed at the individual and every case is different. The qualified teams in Family Medicine at Muthoot hospital  play a key role in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of multiple diseases in adults.

Their services are designed to provide you with customized and personal care including long term comprehensive care for adults, adolescents and the elderly as well as an assessment of your condition. Their teams are trained to help the patients prevent, detect and treat a broad range of diseases.

Doctors and Timing

Dr. Thomas T Thomas 

 (Monday – Saturday)   Morning and Evening Session

Dr. Vineetha Mariam Koshy 

 (Monday – Saturday)   Morning and Evening Session

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